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Wedding and Invitations | Crane.com

First impressions are everything, and the
introduction to your Big Day is no exception.
The right wedding invitation sets the tone and,
like you, we want every detail of your wedding
to be the perfect reflection of you. That’s why
we believe in meticulously handcrafting every
piece with Crane's legendary quality, to
ensure it's your style that stands out.



Hand craftsmanship is a rare attribute today; however, it continues to define Crane’s products. Approximately 40 pairs of hands physically touch an average personalized stationery order on its journey through our factory. From engraving plate making, to gold leafing, to hand painted bordering, and envelope lining, each specialized step is an art form all its own, setting Crane Stationery apart and ensuring your message will leave a lasting impression every time.

Meet the Maker

It’s true what they say, that the invitation suite you choose for your wedding conjures the tone of your big day.
Which, in some ways, makes it the most important element of your overall wedding aesthetic. Think about it this way: your invitation suite is the first peek at the big event. And not that guests need any incentive to party the night away with their nearest and dearest, but it doesn’t hurt when what they find in the mail is undeniably, irresistibly beautiful. It’s as good as a guarantee that the big event will be anything but boring. So to understand its true importance, we decided to sit down with the designers of this inimitable collection to gain a better understanding of their inspiration and the core of their creative enterprise.

Meet William Arthur’s lead designer Karen Herzig-Langevin and collaborating partner Meghan Carey who teamed up to create the unforgettable Studio Collection. As it turns out, that was kind of the point. Herzig-Langevin will tell you that being visually appealing is really only the half of it. Read the full story here.