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Our production facility is resuming operations after a prolonged closure. Some orders are still experiencing delays.
Please click here for more details. We thank you for your patience and understanding!

How to Submit Artwork

We would be happy to work with you to create a custom order. To receive a price quote, please email customerservice@crane.com with the following information:

• Your name
• Email address
• Shipping address (no PO Boxes)
• Phone number
• SKU number or a description of what you would like to order
• Quantities (must be in increments of 25 pieces; for the best price per piece, we recommend ordering in increments of 100)
• Printing method
• Ink color
• Envelope liner (if wanted)
• Text to be printed on each item
• Will you be providing artwork? If so, please provide the high-resolution file so that we can have it evaluated for suitability for printing.

The following information is helpful so that we can offer suggestions if the quote is out of your price range or if the lead time is too long:
• What is your budget for this project?
• What is your timeframe to receive the order?
• What is your event date (if applicable)?

Please allow approximately 2-5 business days to receive your price quote. Additional time may be required depending on the complexity of the order.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team. Contact customerservice@crane.com or 1-800-268-2281.

Acceptable File Formats

We currently support the following file extensions from both Mac and PC software programs (our preferred is listed first):

  • Adobe Illustrator - .ai, .eps
  • Adobe Acrobat - .pdf
  • Adobe InDesign (up to Creative Suite 6) - .indd
  • Adobe Photoshop - .tif, .eps, .psd
  • Quark Express (up to Quark 7) - .qxd
  • Corel Draw - .cdr
  • Corel PhotoPaint (up to Graphic Suite 12) - .cpt

Files to Avoid

.jpg, .bmp, .doc and .psd are great for emailing or websites, but for paper printing, they are not acceptable.

If your artwork is in one of these file formats, please make sure it is high resolution (at least 1200 dpi) and in black and white format. We may have to make changes to the artwork, and because fonts can differ from program to program, please email us a clear copy of the artwork with your order.

Multi-Color Artwork

Multi-color artwork needs to be in an .eps vector file format [CMYK spot], as does black and white artwork that was created or developed using Adobe Illustrator. Color artwork that’s a .pdf or .tif file and requires us to do a color separation, may incur a fee. There will be no additional fee for printing in Crane standard ink colors. If you require a PMS match, there is a flat fee of $80 per color for thermography & flat print processes or $150 for letterpress and engraving processes, and please use the “U” version.

Please note that when we evaluate customer supplied artwork, a charge of $100 will be applied if your artwork must be re-submitted. If your artwork is high-resolution and found usable, then the evaluation charge is waived. ​​

Include Fonts

If you created your artwork in Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Corel PhotoPaint or as a .pdf, please include the font or fonts.

Extra Art Charges

If we need to re-work your art file so it usable for printing, we’ll let you know. Fees for changes will be communicated prior for approval. We also suggest proofs ($22 for the first proof, $16 for each additional proof) before processing your order takes place.

Submitting a Photo for Printing

Make sure your image is a .tif or .jpg, and that its resolution is at least 300 dpi. If not uploading your photo through our online services, please send all digital photos as an attachment to customerservice@crane.com, and make sure you include a customer name, order number and contact info so we can match your photo to your order.

Photographs can also be mailed to us at the address provided above, and will be returned to you with your printed order. Please don’t send negatives, as those cannot be converted to a digital image.

In addition, if you’d like us to print a color photo in black and white or Sepia, be sure to let us know.

Photo Usage Rights

If you’re using a photo taken by a professional photographer, please get authorization for use from them first. Once it’s in our hands, we trust you’ve already taken this step.

Artwork Services

We have a team of artists that are here to help you create the perfect design, whether it’s just a touchup or turning a rough idea into a usable image.

Useable Artwork

Receiving unusable artwork means spending time making it usable. Below we’ve created a handy list of what your artwork should (and shouldn’t) strive to be.

What Useable Artwork Is

  • Sharp, flat black and white artwork produced on paper or photographic paper
  • Graphics and text are in position and proportionally sized to the paper stock on which you are ordering
  • Any alterations to the artwork have been made with opaque ink, concealing all color beneath it
  • All lines are solid and black, not broken, ragged or grey
  • Totally clean (no smudges, stains, light pencil lines, transparent tape, etc.) The scanner will pick up all visible defects

What Useable Artwork is Not

  • Photocopies from an office copier or printed from an inkjet printer
  • Fax transmissions
  • Most copy from a 300dpi laser printer (too coarse).
  • Business cards and all previously printed stationery
  • Clippings from newspapers and yellow pages
  • Previously printed photographs already screened or halftones.
  • Anything on colored paper
  • Any other pre-printed items