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Crane Craftsmanship

A Legacy of Excellence

Crane is widely considered the standard bearer of impeccable stationery. For over 200 years we have earned a legacy of excellence - in the materials we work with, the products we produce, and the people who bring them to life. From the generations of Crane family members to the master artisans who continue to fulfill that legacy today, we pride ourselves on setting the standard of craftsmanship that all others aspire to.

Details Matter

Uncompromising craftsmanship is founded in outstanding materials. From 23 karat gold leafing, to genuine copper engraving plates, to 100% pure cotton paper, the elements that bring our products to life are selected to exceed expectations. Amidst a culture of “good enough”, the craftsmen and women of Crane share a relentless attention to detail. Their precision, accuracy, consistency, and artistry are the foundation for Crane’s unmistakable quality.
crane stationery copper engraving plates

crane stationery letterpress

Excellence through Experience

As with all crafts, becoming a master requires an innately keen eye, honed over decades of experience. Over half of the artisans at Crane have been with the company for 15 years or more. Our master printers specialize in a specific print method, ensuring they are the foremost experts of each craft, and ensuring your stationery or invitation is always of the highest caliber.


Hand craftsmanship is a rare attribute today; however, it continues to define Crane’s products. Approximately 40 pairs of hands physically touch an average personalized stationery order on its journey through our factory. From engraving plate making, to gold leafing, to hand painted bordering, ribbon tying, and envelope lining, each specialized step is an art form all its own, setting Crane Stationery apart and ensuring your message will leave a lasting impression every time.
crane stationery engraving