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When it comes to business success, specialist
knowledge is key – and choosing your
professional stationery is no different. From
business cards to letterheads, it's the little
details that make the big picture come to life

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Excellence through Experience

Amidst a culture of “good enough”, the craftsmen and women of Crane share a relentless attention to detail. Their precision, accuracy, consistency, and artistry are the foundation for Crane’s unmistakable quality. Over decades of experience, our master printers specialize in a specific print method, ensuring they are the foremost experts of each craft, and ensuring your stationery or invitation is always of the highest caliber.

Meet the Maker

Dan Morgan
Meet Dan Morgan, Typesetter Extraordinaire. In a previous life, Dan worked in a photo lab. Now, the Donaldson, PA, native uses his keen eye for detail as a typesetter in our factory.
What exactly does a typesetter do? A typesetter’s job is to make a customer’s stationery design work for what they want — even when they may not know it’s what they want. For example, we have requests sometimes to “please use your discretion and make it look good.” I love those types of jobs, because I can use my creativity and tweak the layout or sizes to make it look great. I write those job numbers down and check after a few weeks to see if they’ve returned the proof and what comments they had about the design I came up with.

Do you have a favorite or memorable design? Well, every job is special for somebody — we all want to make our mark. I did enjoy working on an order featuring an engraved Redskins helmet logo, because I’m a football fan.

Since you’re looking at type styles all day, do you find yourself critiquing them when you’re not working? [Laughs.] I do. When I’m driving, I’ll notice the fonts on highway signs.