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Baby Invitations

Celebrating an impending stork arrival? Prepare the
mom-to-be in your life for her exciting next chapter with
a darling Baby Shower Invitation announcing a day
(and a sweet little bundle) to be treasured.


Hand craftsmanship is a rare attribute today; however, it continues to define Crane’s products. Approximately 40 pairs of hands physically touch an average personalized stationery order on its journey through our factory. From engraving plate making, to ribbon tying, to hand painted bordering, and envelope lining, each specialized step is an art form all its own, setting Crane Stationery apart and ensuring your message will leave a lasting impression every time.

Meet the Maker

Meet the ladies of the Finishing Department.
Once the ink dries, orders are sent off to Finishing, where ribbons are hand-tied, envelopes are lined, and cards are duplexed (a process that involves affixing a smaller sized paper stock atop a larger sized paper stock to create a layered look). As the name would suggest, they’re responsible for the final touches that bring an order all together. What comes out is an impressive range of enviable stationery. On our Post Script blog, we talked with the women in Finishing — who work hard to make sure every detail is just so — about Presidential inaugurations, letters from loved ones and brand new puppies.
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