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Vera Wang Pearl Bordered InvitationVera Wang Engraved Heavyweight Invitation with Painted Edge and Knot MotifVera Wang Engraved White Cotton InvitationVera Wang Engraved Oversized Ampersand Wedding InvitationVera Wang Engraved Taupe Whimsical Calligraphy InvitationVera Wang Oyster White Invitation in Opal Pocket with TulleVera Wang Monogram Invitation with French EnvelopeVera Wang Black Bordered Invitation and EnvelopeVera Wang Engraved Black and White Stripe InvitationVera Wang Painted Edge Large Heavyweight Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Engraved Heavyweight Oval Gilt Edge InvitationVera Wang Gold Confetti Engraved Blush Wedding InvitationVera Wang Engraved Whimsical Calligraphy Black InvitationVera Wang Oyster White Letterpress Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Black Engraved Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Oyster White Vertical InvitationsVera Wang Engraved Damask Applique Wedding Invitation FolderVera Wang Gold Confetti Engraved Mint Wedding InvitationVera Wang Grosgrain Embossed Personalized Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Letterpress Heavyweight Blush Invitation with Arrow MotifVera Wang Aquamarine Personalized Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Gold Confetti Engraved Black Wedding InvitationVera Wang Pearl Bands Oyster White Personalized Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Engraved Calligraphic Crest Pewter Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Gilt Edged Round Cornered Oyster White Heavyweight Wedding InvitationsVera Wang Gilt Edge Round Cornered Oyster White Invitation with French Flap EnvelopesVera Wang Embossed Zinnia Folder with Taupe LayerVera Wang Gold Confetti Engraved Oyster Wedding InvitationVera Wang Letterpress Dahlia Fern Pocket InvitationVera Wang Letterpress Double Chrysanthemum InvitationVera Wang Letterpress Chrysanthemum InvitationVera Wang Engraved Gold Monogram Pewter InvitationVera Wang Extra Large Square Invitation