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Vanderveer Blue Bordered NoteColella Ecru Monogrammed NoteChadwick White Note with Clementine BorderMedallion Engraved Folded Ecru NoteGarden Floral Note with Celery EnvelopeRaphael Monogrammed Ecru NoteBallenger Ecru Monogrammed NoteAinslie White Note with Scalloped Flap EnvelopeNantucket White Embossed Bar Panel NotePantheon Engraved Monogram Ecru NoteIsabella Digital White Note Classic Pantheon White NoteSanta Rosa Bordered Folded White NoteGarden Floral Note with Blush EnvelopeEngraved Azure Note with White EnvelopeMonogrammed Soft White Note with Deckle EdgeEcru Interlocking Border NoteSeaside Monogrammed Note with Navy BorderPantheon Framed Monogram White NoteFlora Ecru NoteIsabella Engraved Note with Blush EnvelopePlume Engraved Monogram Ecru NoteColella Ecru Personalized NoteIsabella Engraved Note with Kraft EnvelopeMedallion Folded Ecru NoteAbernathy Ecru Beaded Border NotePantheon Ecru Folded Note with MotifGarden Floral Note with Kraft EnvelopeNantucket Monogram Large White NoteChadwick White Note with Marine Blue BorderIsabella Engraved Note with Celery EnvelopeBlush Embossed Monogram NoteDouble Edged Note with Vivid Green BorderWhite Note with Lavender EnvelopeEmbossed Flower Warm White Personalized Folded NotesEngraved Monogram Beaded Border Ecru NoteScroll Bracket Bright White NotesDebossed Border Note with Wreath DuogramEngraved Couples Note with MonogramEngraved Monogram on Debossed Border NotePantheon Note with Embossed MonogramPearl Border Note with MonogramEcru Floral Scroll NoteIronwork White Engraved Monogram Note