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Multilingual "Hello" NotePaws in Paris NoteBlind Embossed White Beaded Border NoteFoil Stamped Fabulous NoteBlind Embossed Ecru Beaded Border NoteEmbossed Grey Striped Border CardLollipop NotesFoil Stamped Brilliant! NoteFoil Stamped Hello NoteWine & Cheese Correspondence CardRainy Day NoteEmbossed Hot Peppers Correspondence CardLetterpress Anchor CardEmbossed Squash and Friends NoteLove Birds Correspondence Card Ballet Flats Correspondence CardLetterpress Hedgehog CardMandarin Striped and Embossed Border Correspondence CardsTeacup NotesFrench Press NotesCake NotesCelery Striped and Embossed Border Correspondence CardsPie NotesTurntable Correspondence CardsPeriwinkle Striped and Embossed Border Correspondence CardsHard Candy NotesIce Cream NotesMarine Striped and Embossed Border Correspondence CardsFancy Flock NoteLady’s Best Friend NoteMacarons Thank You NoteEmbossed Sweet Strawberries Correspondence CardCity Skyline Correspondence CardCountry Chateaux Correspondence CardGlasses Galore NoteLetterpress Loyal Setter Correspondence CardPerfectly Perched Correspondence CardRed Bordered Note with Shoe Soiree LiningYellow Cab Correspondence CardHandbag Collection NoteLetterpress Vintage Telephone Correspondence CardEmbossed Mosaic Siamese Correspondence CardLetterpress Sweet Heart CardCorner Treats Correspondence CardLetterpress Royal Crown Correspondence CardShoe Soiree NoteHanging Birdcages NoteEmbossed Divine Feline Correspondence CardLetterpress Martini Bar Correspondence CardEmbossed Beets and Friends Note