Crane Museum of Papermaking

Crane's Old Stone Mill

We invite you to visit The Crane Museum of Papermaking, housed in what was the Rag Room of Crane’s 1844 Old Stone Mill. The museum, first opened in the autumn of 1930, is on the National Register of Historic Places . The one-story building is pleasantly situated on the banks of the Housatonic River, which supplied the water to wash the rags and drive the machinery of the early Crane mills.

Vat House

With its rough-hewn oak beams, colonial chandeliers, many-paned windows and wide oak floorboards, the interior resembles the Old Ship Church in Hingham, Mass.

In this appropriate setting, you will find a scale model (made by Dard Hunter) of the vat house of the first Crane mill, as well as some of the tools Zenas Crane used from 1801 to 1831. In wall and floor cases, exhibits trace the history of American papermaking from Revolutionary times, with special emphasis on the durable, distinctive Crane papers made for currency, bonds, stock certificates and elegant stationery.

Operating Hours

The Crane Museum is open Tuesday through Thursday, from 1-5 p.m. Beginning June 2, and going through the end of October, the Museum will be open Monday through Friday from 1-5 p.m.

Explore the history of the oldest paper company in America from 1770 to today. Exhibits focus on papermaking through more than two centuries, Crane's fine 100% cotton stationery and, of course, the money you carry in your pocket every day. Admission is free and we love kids!

Groups of more than 12, please schedule your visit in advance (413) 684-6380 or (413) 684-7780.

Directions: Please use West Housatonic Street in Dalton MA 01226 and follow signs to the Museum.

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