Edge and Border Treatments

Hand Bordering
hand bordering crane

Crane’s beautifully painted borders have been a longstanding tradition, adding rich color to the outside edges of our notes and cards. For this signature treatment, papers are painted with custom-made brushes by highly skilled artisans.

Watch one of our artisans at work.


gilding crane

Gilding is created by applying a thin layer of gold leaf to the four outer edges of thick stationery. This technique is most commonly used to create an exquisite invitation for a wedding or other very special occasion.

Walk through the intricate process of gilding.



Painted Edges
painted edges crane

For this elegant detail, colored ink is applied by hand to the four outer edges of thick stationery. This treatment is most often used on personalized stationery, business cards and invitations to add just the right pop of color.

Take a look at how our painters color your edges.