Crane has hand crafted fine stationery in The Berkshires for more than two centuries. Those who work the printing presses, gild edges and hand paint borders are true artisans and the best at what they do. When you purchase Crane, you are not simply receiving a piece of paper, but rather a work of art.

Crane printing processes. Engraving, embossing, letterpress, digital, thermography  

Printing Processes​

Our highly skilled craftsmen create exquisite stationery using a variety of techniques, including engraving, letterpress printing and embossing.

Both our 100% cotton papers and wood fiber papers are soft to the touch and offer the creamy texture and substantial weight associated with fine stationery and invitations.

Beautifully painted and gilded borders and edges are a longstanding tradition at Crane. Rich color by hand is added to stationery and invitations by our highly skilled artisans.